The Literary Black Hole, A Writer’s Worst Nightmare #ShortPost

So apparently when you don’t save… things get deleted.

Lemme start with the bad news: the ADAS chapter I had half completed? Yeah, it got eaten. The good news? Well, it’s just more bad news now, cause how can anyone find good news in this catastrophe?

I. Did. Not. Press. Save.

What is wrong with me? All those years of school with teachers drilling us to, “Make sure you save your work,” and here I am staring at a gaping 4,000-word hole in my manuscript. The world has ended. I give up.

Image result for my give up gif

Woe is me. This stinks.

Well, in all honesty… I guess the chapter stunk. Like, in my heart, I guess I should be relieved that the writing deities intervened and wiped my word vomit off the face of the earth.

So you heard it here kids. Save your work!

Oh, and…

Image result for and eat your vegetables gif

*All comments within this blog are merely the suggestions, mad ravings, and opinions of the author. They should be taken with a grain of salt and understanding that she may just be a well-worded lunatic and not a literary expert. *

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