Link The Sentinel

The Sentinels have watched over the lands of the three Kings of Illdissa for an age past. The order protects Illdissa’s borders, enforces its laws, and guards against corruption. Soldiers forever sworn to the service of the land have always come from the ranks of second sons and unknown bastards.

In this world of men, an unwanted daughter conspires to escape from a forced marriage into their heroic ranks. Brenna Valas, the orphaned niece of a lord of the northern coast, has never before set foot off of her uncle’s lands. She has never held a steel blade, never seen the fantastic creatures of the south, nor fought a man five times her size.

But she will.

A quest for honor begins when Brenna sets out to become more than a naive, doe-eyed girl. Training will take years, but if she keeps fighting, perhaps one day she can be a warrior instead of just a hero in her fantasies.



Link to A Dawn Amongst Shadows

“It’s either this or death.”

Caught in the act and bound by a strange magic, two thieves from opposing guilds must work together to complete the task set by the witch that cursed them. If they’re to have any hope of stealing The Egr, a mysterious bestowal of divine rule, they’ll need cunning, strength, and more than a speck of teamwork.

Because, with half the kingdom out to see them fail, they are going to need all the luck the gods can spare.


Link to Turn

Annaliese Stone, a Terif of the Ceilion police, has spent the last year rooting out her enemies.

Her base, the capital of Creose, is the glittering jewel of the Prima Ryst— and the city’s underbelly is crawling with sordid filth that would love nothing more than to see it shattered to pieces. An unsavory official herself, Annaliese has abandoned a sense of fair justice and morality in order to hunt them down.

After months of plotting and investigating, Annaliese is closing in on the terrorist leader known only as “Rhystcoff”. Nothing will stop her as she sets out to find them, destroy them, and then move on to her next assignment. Set upon her biggest lead yet, Annaliese will find that not everything she knows is true and that sometimes to find the truth you have to turn back the clock.

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